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What it means to be authentic:
- to be more concerned with truth than opinions
- to be sincere and not pretend
- to be free from hypocrisy: “walk your talk”
- to know who you are and to be that person
- to not fear others seeing your vulnerabilities
- being confident to walk away from situations where you can’t be yourself
- being awake to your own feelings
- being free from others’ opinions of you
- accepting and loving yourself

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It’s all about Jesus Christ being first…and second and third and fourth and fifth. What I’m saying is, don’t put Jesus first. Jesus is everything. He’s not just first in the rank, He is everything.

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We can get all excited about missions but do you witness to the guy sitting down beside you?

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The Problem With “All About That Bass” | Rebekah Richardson on why the song is not a women’s self-love anthem

You know those catchy songs that rope you in with their mood-lifting beat and you listen to them even when the lyrics are less than admirable? (“Blurred Lines” doesn’t count. That’s…

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